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Prenatal and postnatal classes focus on perineal work, abdominal strengthening, posture work and discomfort relief.

The aim of prenatal classes is to create movement in the body, work on breathing and mobility in areas of the body made rigid by pregnancy (e.g. hips). The emphasis is on hip-opening postures, back stretching and resting postures. Certain inversions, closed twists and postures that strongly mobilize the abdominal muscles should be avoided.

Postnatal classes focus on perineal work, abdominal strengthening, posture work and discomfort relief. In postnatal yoga and postnatal pilates, work your breathing on stretching and flexibility exercises for the legs, back and neck.

The benefits of Prenatal & Postnatal classes

Increases strength and flexibility

The posture sequences proposed are adapted for pregnant women/young mothers. This class is ideal if you want to increase your strength and flexibility to better cope with the change in your body during/after pregnancy, without the presence of intensity.

Stress reduction and relaxation

Prenatal & postnatal classes offer stress management and relaxation techniques essential during these periods of transition and change.

Tones muscles, especially the back

With the weight of the baby, the mother-to-be accentuates the arch of her back, often causing pain. Yoga postures help to create space between the vertebrae and release tension in the back.

Nos instructrices

Justine Collard : Prenatal Yoga

Roberta Arguello : Prenatal Yoga & Postnatal Yoga

Tika Bowrin : Prenatal Reformer Pilates 

Audrey Debayle : Prenatal Yoga

Lisa Baker: Prenatal Pilates

Lucile Grangeon: Postnatal Pilates


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