Barre Fitness classes

Barre Fitness classes in Montreal! A dynamic, rhythmic workout to burn fat and sculpt the body.

Barre Fitness classes

Barre Fitness is a dynamic, rhythmic workout that blends ballet, Pilates, yoga and fitness movements. A wall-mounted horizontal bar is used as a support to perform various exercises that will strengthen and sculpt the legs, back, abdominals and arms. It’s a dynamic class, with music and fun!

Light weights, balls, elastic bands and other small accessories can also be used to add resistance and increase the intensity of the workout on certain areas of the body. Barre fitness has become popular in recent years due to its unique combination of dance and fitness exercises that offer a complete workout.

The benefits of Barre Fitness

The benefits of the Barre Fitness

Burns fat

During the class, you keep up a steady pace to burn calories, increase your heart rate and improve your metabolism.

Sculpts the full-length body

Pilates equipment is used to perform a variety of exercises to strengthen legs, back, abdominals and arms, while targeting muscle lengthening and posture.

Improves flexibility

The class includes dynamic and ballistic stretching to loosen muscle chains and joints, and promote spinal mobility.The class ends with a few minutes of relaxation and more passive stretching.

Where to practice Barre Fitness classes in Montreal?

Studio Equilibre has 7 locations in Montreal. Below are our different studios where you can practice Barre Fitness classes.
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1565 Mont-Royal Avenue East,
H2J 1Z3 Montreal


7119 Saint-Denis street,
H2S 2S5 Montreal


8 Sherbrooke East Street,
H2X 1C2 Montreal


3590 Ontario Street East,
H1W 1R7 Montreal

What are the class times?

Any questions ?

Our Barre Fitness classes are open to everyone, from beginners to more experienced individuals. The instructor explains each exercise while indicating the number of repetitions. If you need to take a break, don’t hesitate! Everyone progresses at their own pace.

If you’re not used to exercising, or if it’s your first Barre Fitness class, feel free to let the instructor know that you’re a novice. She will pay special attention to ensure that you perform the exercises correctly.

All our packages grant access to our 7 studios!

If you are injured or recovering from surgery, please consult your doctor to determine if you are fit for physical activity.

Also, take the time to inform the instructor about your injury before the start of the class, so she can offer you variations if necessary.

We are not healthcare professionals. No member of our team can decide if you are fit to participate in a class or not

Our clientele ranges from 18 to 85 years old.

Our yoga, Pilates, Pilates Reformer, and Essentrics classes are open to all ages. Each person adapts the class according to their abilities. The instructor offers several exercise variations during the class. Exercises typically have multiple difficulty levels; it’s up to you to choose the one you prefer.