Barre Fitness classes

Barre Fitness classes in Montreal! A dynamic, rhythmic workout to burn fat and sculpt the body.

Barre Fitness classes

Barre Fitness is a dynamic, rhythmic workout that blends ballet, Pilates, yoga and fitness movements. A wall-mounted horizontal bar is used as a support to perform various exercises that will strengthen and sculpt the legs, back, abdominals and arms. It’s a dynamic class, with music and fun!

Light weights, balls, elastic bands and other small accessories can also be used to add resistance and increase the intensity of the workout on certain areas of the body. Barre fitness has become popular in recent years due to its unique combination of dance and fitness exercises that offer a complete workout.

The benefits of Barre Fitness

The benefits of the Barre Fitness

Burns fat

During the class, you keep up a steady pace to burn calories, increase your heart rate and improve your metabolism.

Sculpts the full-length body

Pilates equipment is used to perform a variety of exercises to strengthen legs, back, abdominals and arms, while targeting muscle lengthening and posture.

Improves flexibility

The class includes dynamic and ballistic stretching to loosen muscle chains and joints, and promote spinal mobility.The class ends with a few minutes of relaxation and more passive stretching.

Our packages


Try our classes with no commitment and take advantage of our reduced rates today!

1 Trial class (All classes except Pilates Reformer) = $11

1 Pilates Reformer trial class = $14

3 Trial classes (All classes except Reformer Pilates) = $29


a la carte

Access to all group classes except Reformer Pilates.

1 LIBERTY class = $21

10 LIBERTY classes = $185

20 LIBERTY classes = $325

30 LIBERTY classes = $420

Liberty Plus

a la carte

Access to all group classes, including Reformer Pilates.

1 LIBERTY PLUS class = $28

10 LIBERTY PLUS classes = $250

20 LIBERTY PLUS classes = $470

30 LIBERTY PLUS classes = $660


Monthly or yearly packages for the most motivated!

1 month unlimited = $135

1 month unlimited
permanent = $105

1 month unlimited permanent + 1 reformer class per week = $145

1 year unlimited = $1,080

All prices are before tax.

Where to practice Barre Fitness classes in Montreal?

Studio Equilibre has 6 locations in Montreal. Below are our different studios where you can practice Barre Fitness classes.
Click on the map to visit each of our facilities.


1565 Mont-Royal Avenue East,
H2J 1Z3 Montreal


7119 Saint-Denis street,
H2S 2S5 Montreal


8 Sherbrooke East Street,
H2X 1C2 Montreal


3590 Ontario Street East,
H1W 1R7 Montreal

Which outfit to choose?

Comfortable clothing that gives you freedom of movement, e.g. tank top/t-shirt and leggings. All classes are held barefoot or in socks.

What to bring?

All equipment is at your disposal in our 6 studios: mats, weights, elastics, blocks... If you'd like to bring your own mat, you're welcome to do so. You can also bring your own water bottle if you need it during class.

What time should I arrive?

We recommend you arrive 5-7 minutes before the start of class. This gives you time to get changed, if necessary, and to put your belongings in the changing room or the designated area. It's also a good time to pick up the equipment you'll need for class: mats, blocks, etc. Our studios open 15 minutes before class.

What should I say?

Inform the instructor that this is your first time at the studio. You can then put your things away and go straight to the studio.

What are the class times?

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