Pilates instructor training in Montreal

Pilates instructor training offered by AnnMcMillan in partnership with Equilibre Studio. Numerous AMP (Ann McMillan Pilates) trainings are given on our premises.

Many of the Pilates instructors working at Equilibre Studio  have been trained by Ann McMillan.

A true pioneer, Ann McMillan was the first trainer to bring the Pilates method to Quebec in 1992.

The presented courses are sold exclusively on Ann McMillan’s website.

Formation d'instructeur Pilates

Ann McMillan

A true pioneer, Ann McMillan was the first instructor to spread the Pilates method in Quebec.

Ann began practicing Pilates in 1986 in New York City during her career in contemporary dance. Afflicted by a chronic hip injury, a dancer friend recommended she try Pilates; “it will help you engage your abs and ‘get you out’ of your hips” she told her. Ann was soon hooked on Pilates and went on to complete a Master’s degree in Exercise Science at the Université de Montréal. Her master’s thesis established for the first time a scientific link between Pilates and improved posture.

Her enthusiasm led her to set up her own studio in 1992 on her return to Montreal, since, as she puts it, “there were no studios in Montreal at the time, so in order to teach Pilates, I had to open one! One thing led to another, the studio grew, Pilates earned its letters of nobility and in September 2007, Ann moved her studio to a vast space in the heart of downtown Montreal, designed specifically for the practice of Pilates.

Ann closed her studio in 2013. Today, she takes advantage of Studio Équilibre’s facilities to train tomorrow’s instructors.

Training courses on offer

  • Ground instructor training (Pilates)
  • Aircraft instructor training (Pilates Reformer)

The Ann McMillan Pilates Method (AMP) floor training is comprehensive and rigorous. During this training, you will learn the principles of Pilates, exercises of all levels, the history of the method, pedagogical approach, class preparation, and how to modify exercises for pregnant women, athletes, individuals with reduced mobility, and those with osteoporosis. You will also learn how to incorporate accessories such as magic circles, balls, bands, and rollers into the exercises.

Training on apparatus (Reformer) is also available. This training includes learning exercises on the Reformer, Cadillac, chair, and barrels. Floor training is a prerequisite for apparatus training. All exercises are accessible through video capsules on the AMP viewing platform. Additionally, an illustrated manual provides detailed descriptions of the theory, Pilates principles, and each exercise. The clarity and richness of the course notes are consistently praised by students. The Ann McMillan Pilates Method training will make you a competent Pilates instructor who instills confidence in your clients.

Over 7,000 instructors trained!


Marie Durez

Mat Pilates


Méhérine Afshari

Mat Pilates


Nadine Gauthier

Reformer Pilates


Geneviève Veillette Bérubé

Mat Pilates

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