Reformer Pilates classes
in Montreal

We offer Reformer Pilates classes for all levels: Initiation, Beginner, Regular and Intermediate.

Reformer Pilates classes in Montreal

The Reformer is an exercise machine created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, following his invention of the Pilates floor mat. The machine uses springs and elastics to resist the body’s movements, improving strength, flexibility and control. All Pilates floor exercises can be performed on the machine. The two approaches, floor and reformer, are highly complementary. The Reformer enables users to develop a deeper body awareness, helping bring focus to physical sensations.

Students can work on body alignment, strengthen postural muscles and improve flexibility while being supported and guided in their movements. It also reduces tension in muscles and joints, which can help relieve chronic pain. The Pilates Reformer is an effective tool for developing a more conscious and balanced relationship with one’s own body.

The benefits of Reformer Pilates

The benefits of the Pilates Reformer

Develops core strength

Resistance on a reformer is adjustable using a system of springs.Each participant can adjust the springs according to his or her own needs, strengths, and goals.Adjustable resistance quickly helps to develop the core strength of each participant, whatever their age, gender or basic physical condition.

Lengthens muscles

The Reformer helps to lengthen all the body's muscular chains.The resistance of the machine's springs allows you to go further and deeper into your movements.

Improves flexibility and mobility

The reformer's elastics allow us to further stretch the muscular chains and fascia, helping the body become more supple and mobile. This allows for a more extensive sensation of physical freedom.

Reduces tension in the back

The reformer allows us to feel lighter and helps us execute movements with greater fluidity and finesse, reducing general muscular tension.

1st in Reformer Pilates in Montreal!

Now counting 6 locations, Equilibre Studio is the largest professional Pilates studio in Montreal. Founded in 2010, our goal is to offer a balanced workout for optimal health and quality of life. To achieve this, we offer a variety of classes: Floor Pilates, Reformer Pilates, MOTR Pilates, Table Pilates, as well as Yoga, Barre Fitness and Essentrics. Our mission is to encourage you towards conscious well-being and harmony of body and mind.

Where to take Reformer Pilates classes in Montreal?

Studio Equilibre has 6 locations in Montreal. Below are our different studios where you can practice Reformer Pilates.
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1565 Mont-Royal Ave East,
H2J 1Z3 Montreal


7119 Saint-Denis street,
H2S 2S5 Montreal


8 Sherbrooke East Street,
H2X 1C2 Montreal

Nun's Island

7, Commerce Plaza,
H3E 2B5 Montreal

Which Reformer Pilates class is for me?



If you’ve never tried the Reformer before, this class is for you.

You will need to start with one or more introductory courses to learn how to use the machine. The instructor takes more time to demonstrate the basic exercises so that you may begin to integrate the Pilates vocabulary that’s essential to take you further.



This class is designed for people who have already completed 1 or more reformer initiation classes.

The beginner’s course helps you solidify the basics. The instructor provides useful explanations to help you understand the exercises. More repetitions and movements help you work harder and integrate details that will make the difference in your ongoing practice.



This class is open to beginner and intermediate level students who have already taken introductory and beginner level classes.

Basic vocabulary and exercises are integrated into this level to offer more variation, rhythm, and fluidity. We go further into body awareness while still offering beginner and intermediate options to suit both levels.



For those with solid experience on the Reformer.

These classes focus on rhythm, coordination and balance. Exercises build upon previous ones through quicker sequencing. Pilates vocabulary and the basics are needed for this class. Exercise options and variations proposed by the instructor are at an intermediate level. Ask your instructor if they think you have the required level.

Our packages


Try our classes with no commitment and take advantage of our reduced rates today!

1 Trial class (All classes except Pilates Reformer) = $11

1 Pilates Reformer trial class = $14

3 Trial classes (All classes except Reformer Pilates) = $29


a la carte

Access to all group classes except Reformer Pilates.

1 LIBERTY class = $21

10 LIBERTY classes = $185

20 LIBERTY classes = $325

30 LIBERTY classes = $420

Liberty Plus

a la carte

Access to all group classes, including Reformer Pilates.

1 LIBERTY PLUS class = $28

10 LIBERTY PLUS classes = $250

20 LIBERTY PLUS classes = $470

30 LIBERTY PLUS classes = $660


Monthly or yearly packages for the most motivated!

1 month unlimited = $135

1 month unlimited
permanent = $105

1 month unlimited permanent + 1 reformer class per week = $145

1 year unlimited = $1,080

All prices are before tax.

Pilates Reformer initiation classes

These classes are designed for people who have never taken a pilates class on a reformer.

Pilates Reformer initiation classes

These classes are designed for people who have never taken a pilates class on a reformer.


Monday : 17:45pm-18:45pm

Saturday : 11:30am-12:30pm


Saturday : 12:00pm-13:00pm

Nun's Island

Wednesday : 19:30pm-20:30pm

Saturday : 12:30pm-13:30pm


Tuesday: 19pm-20pm

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