Essentrics classes

We offer Essentrics classes in Montreal at our Jean-Talon & Mount-Royal studio.
Work the whole body in a balanced way to improve posture and flexibility.

What is Essentrics?

Essentrics is an exercise method developed by Canadian dancer Miranda Esmonde-White. It is based on principles of fluid, graceful movement inspired by various disciplines such as ballet, yoga, physiotherapy and Tai chi.

Essentrics aims to strengthen, stretch and tone muscles while improving flexibility, posture and joint mobility. Exercises are designed to work the whole body in a balanced way, with an emphasis on developing long, lean muscles rather than bulky ones.

A key aspect of Essentrics is the emphasis placed on movement dynamics and working the entire muscular chain. Exercises are performed in a fluid, rhythmic manner, using controlled stretching and contraction movements to create muscular tension without placing undue stress on the joints.

The benefits of Essentrics

The benefits of Essentrics

Improves posture

Essentrics helps to correct muscular imbalances and strengthen the deep muscles that support the spine. This promotes a more elongated, aligned and balanced posture, reducing the tension and pain associated with poor posture.

Greater flexibility

The gentle, lengthwise stretching movements of Essentrics help to lengthen muscles and improve their elasticity. This translates into greater joint range of motion and increased flexibility throughout the body, facilitating daily activities and reducing the risk of injury.

Strengthens muscles without excessive impact

Essentrics strengthens muscles in a balanced and harmonious way, without putting excessive strain on joints. Exercises use body resistance and controlled movements to develop long, lean muscles, promoting a toned figure and functional strength.

Our team

We are proud to introduce the members of the Equilibre Studio team. All our qualified instructors are here to advise you and help you improve in your favourite classes.

Where to practice essentrics classes in Montreal?

Our Essentrics classes are offered at the Jean-Talon & Mount-Royal studio.
Click on the map below to visit our studio and facilities.

Studio Jean-Talon

7119 Saint-Denis street,
H2S 2S5 Montreal

Studio Mount-Royal

1565 Mont-Royal Ave East,
H2J 1Z3 Montreal

A unique Equilibre Studio experience

Equilibre Studio Jean-Talon

What are the class times?

Any questions ?

Our Essentrics classes are suitable for all levels, from beginners to intermediate. Our experienced instructor is there to guide you throughout the class. Exercise variations are offered based on your comfort level and proficiency. This allows you to work at your own pace and maximize your learning.

Our classes are primarily conducted in French. However, the vast majority of our instructors are bilingual. If you are an English speaker, please inform the instructor and they will adjust accordingly.

A few rare classes are offered exclusively in English, which is indicated in the schedules and in the course title on Mindbody.

Please check our “New Client Registration” page. You will find all the necessary information to make your first booking.

We don’t offer free classes, but we have discounted classes for new clients.

  • Trial classes for all disciplines except Reformer: $12 + tax
  • Pilates Reformer trial class: $16 + tax
  • Discovery package: 3 classes for all disciplines except Reformer: $31 + tax.

You can only choose one of these offers, so choose wisely!

For more information, please visit the Pricing page, click here.