Dietitian, Nutritionist & Pilates Instructor



This workshop will be an opportunity to explore together the fundamental principles of balanced nutrition. We will discuss the various food categories and their importance in our daily diet.

This workshop is not a cooking workshop; you will not be preparing recipes on-site. Instead, you will acquire knowledge about nutrition and learn how to apply it in your daily life. Anne-Laure will guide you in creating simple recipes tailored to your dietary requirements and lifestyle.

Workshop Program:

  • Balancing Your Diet: Eating Balanced, Delicious, and Healthy Every Day with Simple Tips.
  • Meal Ideas: Learning to compose meals according to your lifestyle (omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, etc.).
  • Nutrition and Exercise: Knowing how to optimize your plate on a daily basis – on exercise days and recovery days.
  • Common Misconceptions: Miracle diets, magic drinks, fat-burning foods, etc. How to avoid falling into the trap of dietary trends.
  • Open Questions and Exchanges with You to Best Meet Your Needs.

Be guided by Anne-Laure Marquet
Dietitian, Nutritionist & Pilates Instructor

Anne-Laure Marquet - Studio Équilibre Montréal

Dietitian-nutritionist specializing in sports and pediatrics since 2014, I have chosen to combine nutrition and sports, which are, for me, very complementary fields.

That's why I became a fitness coach in 2016 in Bordeaux, where I developed my fitness classes while continuing my dietary consultations in private practice.

I then discovered Pilates in 2018 and decided to train to become a Pilates instructor with sports associations, Pilates studios, and companies.

I then worked as a dietitian-nutritionist and Pilates instructor at the Medical Stadium, which is a health sports center dedicated to all patients, whether or not they practice sports, amateur or professional.

Pilates is a tool for health sports that strengthens all muscle groups in the body, which complements other sports disciplines perfectly.

Passionate about sports and practicing running, swimming, and surfing, I regularly incorporate Pilates as a therapy for well-being and health to age in good health.

In 2024, my partner and I decided to embark on the Canadian adventure and settle in Montreal, where I wish to continue my training and practice of Pilates while sharing my passions and knowledge in nutrition.

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Saturday, May 18th from 2pm to 4pm.

Mount-Royal Studio : 1565 avenue Mont-Royal East

Price : 55$ + tx