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Discover our “Harmonic Sun Salutation” workshop, an innovative fusion of yoga’s sun salutation, the power of sound, and the benefits of therapeutic musical instruments. This holistic experience aims to strengthen the body, balance energies and promote deep mental well-being.

Workshop content :

  • Initial meditation: guided meditation to the soothing melodies of the flute and other therapeutic instruments for deep anchoring and centering.
  • Breathing: fire-breathing accompanied, for example, by Tibetan bowls and hand drums for energetic upliftment, followed by a gentle body warm-up.
  • Movement: Invocation of the 4 or 5 elements during sun salutations, naming the meaning of each movement, synchronized with rhythmic instruments and harmonious vibrations.
  • Sound and affirmation: Use of “OM”, sound yoga and other simple vocal movements, underlined by positive affirmations and soothing tones.
  • Balancing posture and harmonization: use the tree posture and feel the balance with harmonizing anchoring instruments such as the kalimba and the Tom.
  • Final relaxation in a sound bath with tuning forks: Tibetan bowls and enveloping sounds for deep relaxation.

The benefits of this workshop

Muscle strengthening and flexibility

Balancing energies with visualization of the elements and instrument vibrations.

Activation of energy centers through breathing, sounds and instruments.

Release the tensions of the previous year and manifest your intentions for a promising new year.

Relaxation during the final sound bath

Be guided by Caroline Mousserin & Nathalie France Forest

Caroline Mousserin, Yoga Instructor and Sound Therapist

For more than 6 years, yoga has been more than a form of gymnastics; it's an opportunity for Caroline to live each moment consciously, to ensure her autonomy on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Caroline completed her Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teaching certification with Sylvie Tremblay at Yoga Sangha in 2022. She continues to deepen her skills in complementary areas with advanced training in Meditation, Yogatherapy, Yin yoga and Pre- and Postnatal. All her fields are tools for developing self-awareness and discovering a path of inner transformation and healing at all levels of being.

Caroline's aim is to help people relax, reconnect with their bodies and breath, sometimes surpass themselves, but above all find themselves, according to their needs, expectations and physical condition. Inspired by the invaluable teachings she receives, she decides to commit herself fully to her practice and to share it with as many people as possible, in all simplicity and complicity. Her teachings in Sonotherapy and energy healing also enable her to combine the "medicine" of vibrations with yogic practice based on body and mind.

Nathalie France Forest, Sound therapist and musician

Nathalie-France Forest began her career in popular singing at the age of 15, and developed her technique in classical singing a few years later. She is one of the rare performers in the French-speaking world to be able to alternate and blend the two worlds, making her a hybrid singer at the complete service of a song's emotion and purpose.

With solid university training in singing and classical interpretation, as well as in music teaching (theatrical specialization), Nathalie-France Forest subsequently accumulated recognized training in sonology, osteopathic touch (ostheo touch and ostheo yoga), Swedish massage, as well as being introduced to Jacques Salomé's Espere method (communication tools), the Feldenkreis method (awareness of the body in movement), the Alexander technique (use of the body) and belcanto (a singing technique).

She is also one of a group of 12 teachers to whom Lucette Tremblay, an international authority in the field, has chosen to pass on her teaching technique. Over the course of her career, Ms. Tremblay's students have included such greats as Lara Fabian, Nathalie Choquette, Marie-Josée Lord, Richard Séguin, Marie-Michèle Desrosiers, Robert Marien, Marilou and many others.

Nathalie-France Forest is an artist and creator of great authenticity. As a performer, she makes it a point of honor to develop a relationship with her audience, in order to give them an uncommonly sensitive experience. This desire to communicate and understand the human being in all its interiority is also at the root of her singing teaching and her work as a sonology therapist.

In her many years of research into the voice, she has acquired solid expertise in the use of vocal work as a tool for personal development.



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Saturday, May 11, 2024 from 5pm to 7pm

Studio Équilibre Vert Prana: 4365 rue saint-Denis, Montreal.

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