Sound therapy workshop


  • Aryuvedic Tea & Intentions
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Activation with crystals & oils
  • Meditation and Sonotherapy


Sound therapy is an alternative wellness practice that uses sound and vibration for therapeutic purposes. It is based on the idea that sound has a positive impact on the body, mind and soul, helping to restore balance and promote healing.

Sound vibrations can influence the body’s energies, stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, soothe the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, promote meditation and even help release repressed emotions. Some approaches to sound therapy also claim to have effects on a person’s chakras (energy centers in the body, according to certain traditions), vital energy or overall energy field.

The benefits of sound therapy

Reduced stress and anxiety

Improved sleep

Harmonizing body energies

Stimulates creativity and concentration

Atelier Sonothérapie

Be guided by artist STORM,
a certified vibrational and sound healing therapist

After a career in the Beauty industry, I found myself holding executive positions within the corporate world, leading an extremely busy and frantic life.

In 2019, a series of traumatic events during which I lost my home in a fire profoundly altered my body, mind and life.

I left Canada to refocus, restore my spirit and realign my life. My aim was to find meaning in all these events and to seek natural methods to help me in this quest.

Through this trial by fire and the tragedy that followed, I felt an inner rebirth, a liberation. I emerged from this period with a new perspective on life, understanding the necessity of my journey and my true mission.

During my travels, I discovered practices such as Mindfulness, Meditation and Vibration and Sound Therapy. I began practicing yoga, reconnecting with nature and spirituality, and relearning to live with balance, patience and Deep Listening.

I have completed several trainings to teach and share my passion, here are my certifications:

– A certified musician registered with the American Federation of Musicians.

– Certified therapist in vibrational & sound healing.

– Practitioner and teacher of self-care techniques, recognized by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA).

– Recognized as one of the world’s 100 therapeutic harpists.

– Certified crystal singing bowls & sacred alchemy therapist.

– Graduate of the Integrative Sound & Music Institute (SMI) certificate awarded by Sylvia Nakkach & New York Open Center.

Always committed to deepening my knowledge, I pursue a wide range of training and participate in numerous programs to continually enrich my skills.

I have found my calling: to assist those seeking inner peace, balance and harmony through a combination of practices adapted to their individual needs.

Find out more about Sound Therapy

Sound therapy practitioners use a variety of instruments and sound techniques, such as metal singing bowls, therapeutic tuning forks, gongs, drums, bells and even the human voice to create specific sound vibrations. Sound therapy is based on the concept of resonance, where sound vibrations can resonate with the body’s natural frequencies, helping to restore energy balance and promote healing.

Sound therapy sessions are often used to induce a state of deep relaxation. Soothing sounds can help reduce stress and anxiety and calm the mind. Some sonotherapy enthusiasts believe it can help relieve pain, improve blood circulation, and promote restful sleep.



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Friday, February 23, 2024 from 7 to 8:15 p.m.

Equilibre Studio Vert Prana: 4365 Saint-Denis Street, Montreal

Price : 45$ + tx