Meditation through song workshop

Welcome to “Meditating through song”, a transformative workshop where music becomes a path to personal fulfillment.

Cultivate self-confidence by discovering the beauty of your voice. As you listen to yourself sing, let go of thoughts and connect with the present moment.

Through singing exercises, free your inner voice and explore the magic of sound. Join the caring singing circle to share your musical vibrations and feel the unity of melody. Immerse yourself in this unique meditative experience and let music guide your soul towards inner harmony.

The benefits of this workshop :

Reduced stress and anxiety

Meditative singing can help reduce stress and anxiety levels by promoting relaxation. By concentrating on melody and rhythm, we can divert attention from stressful thoughts, promoting a state of inner calm.

Improved concentration

Meditative singing often requires deep concentration on melody, breathing and physical sensations. This can help strengthen the ability to concentrate and improve mental clarity.

Emotional balance

By connecting with our inner voice, we can release blocked emotions, promoting emotional balance and greater self-understanding.

Improved respiratory health

By practicing deep, controlled breathing while singing, we can improve lung capacity, reduce muscular tension and promote better oxygen circulation in the body.

Instructeur - Philippe Edwards

Be guided by Philippe Edwards, yoga teacher and musician

Philippe is passionate about the correlation between sound, meditation and consciousness. He learned traditional yoga under the wing of Yogacharya Prahaladji at the Sivananda Ashram, where he was formally initiated into the Vedanta tradition.

He broadened his horizons by learning Yin Yoga with Melanie Richards as part of a teacher-training program. A lover of Indian classical music, Philippe has been taking classical Hindustani singing lessons since 2012. He is now pursuing his studies in classical music and sound yoga with the Gundecha brothers, maestros of Dhrupad, a musical style renowned for its deep, meditative aspect.

In addition to teaching in several centers since 2013, Philippe leads Kirtans and chanting circles, meditation workshops, sound yoga and Hatha yoga on the island of Montreal.

PRESENTED BY Philippe edwards

WORKSHOP Meditating through song

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Saturday, February 10, 2 to 4 p.m.

Studio Équilibre Vert Prana

Price: $55 + tx