Workshop - Introductory to Sound Healing

Tuesday, October 24, 2023 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm

What is Sound Healing ?

Sonotherapy is an alternative wellness practice that uses sound and vibration for therapeutic purposes. It is based on the idea that sound can have a positive impact on the body, mind and soul, helping to restore balance and promote healing. Sonotherapy practitioners use a variety of instruments and sound techniques, such as metal singing bowls, therapeutic tuning forks, gongs, drums, bells and even the human voice to create specific sound vibrations.

Sound vibrations can influence the body's energies, stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, soothe the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, promote meditation and even help release repressed emotions. Some approaches to sound therapy also claim to have effects on a person's chakras (energy centers in the body, according to certain traditions), vital energy or overall energy field.

The benefits of this workshop

Reduced stress and anxiety

Improved sleep

Harmonisation des énergies corporelles

Stimulates creativity and concentration

Where does the workshop take place?

Studio Mont-Royal - Room 1

1565 avenue Mont-Royal East, H2J 1Z3 Montreal


Public transport: Metro Mont-Royal (900m) - Bus 97 East.

Car: Parking on avenue Mont-Royal (except in summer, when the street is pedestrianized) and behind the building, accessible via rue Fabre (from Mt-Royal) or rue Marquette (from St-Joseph) $4/hr.

Equilibre Studio Mont-Royal
Room 1

Located upstairs at 1565 avenue Mont-Royal Est (corner Fabre). Studio Mont-Royal, in the heart of the Plateau, occupies a majestic 5000sq.ft. facility, divided into 5 rooms: 3 training rooms, 1 treatment room and 1 room for private classes.
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Be guided by the artiste STORM,
certified vibrational & sound healing therapist

Atelier Sonothérapie

After a career in the Beauty industry, I ended up in the corporate world, living a very busy and fast-paced life.

In 2019 a series of traumatic events during which I lost my home to a fire, left my body, mind and life shattered.

I left Canada to go find peace, reset my mind and realign my life. I was looking for the meaning in all these events and natural ways to heal myself.

What was the Universe trying to tell me? Through the fire and tragedy, I found I was liberated; I was reborn free and rising again a new human, finding my true path in life. During my trips I discovered Full-Consciousness, Meditation and Sound Healing. I started practicing Yoga, rekindled with Nature and Spirituality, learned to live with balance, patience and practice Deep Listening ❤

I have completed several training courses in order to teach and share my passion. Here are my certifications:

• A registered musician with the American Federation of Musicians

• A certified Sound Healing Therapist, Self-Care Techniques Practitioner and Teacher (recognized by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA)

• One of the 100 Therapeutic Harpists of the World

• A certified Sacred Alchemy Healing Crystal Singing Bowls Therapist

• A graduate from the NY Open Center & Sylvia Nakkach’s Integrative Sound & Music Institute (SMI)

• I am continuing deepening my learnings, taking more classes and participating in many programs to further enrich my knowledge and skills.

I found my mission: helping the ones in need of finding inner peace, balance and harmony in a combination of practices adapted to the needs of everyone.

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WORKSHOP - Introductory to Sound Healing

Tuesday, October 24, 2023 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm

French session presented by the artist STORM

Studio Équilibre Mont-Royal - Room 1: 1565 avenue Mont-Royal Est, H2J 1Z3 Montreal

Workshop price: $50 + taxes

Studio Mount-Royal

Room n°1 – On Street

Flooring: wooden parquet Approx. dimensions (lxw): 25ft x 25ft or 7m50 x 7m50 Surface area: 625sq.ft or 56m2 Accessories: Yoga and pilates accessories, Sound system.

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