In this workshop, you’ll discover the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine. This age-old practice offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature and actively take charge of our own well-being.

When our lifestyle habits exacerbate and imbalance one of these doshas, we experience symptoms or illnesses.
of these doshas, we experience symptoms or illness. The aim of ayurveda is to calm the imbalance through food, herbs, spices, massage therapy and yoga… Changing lifestyle habits and reconnecting with nature will also be essential to avoid relapse. In this workshop, we’ll look at
the characteristics and different symptoms of imbalance. Then we’ll look at how to bring this Dosha back into balance through food, plants, lifestyle habits and yoga. We’ll meditate over a herbal tea. The second part will be a specific yoga session for the Dosha of the day.

The benefits of Ayurvedic yoga

Becoming more autonomous with your health

Reconnecting with nature

Gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind yoga

Knowing yourself better

Be guided by Audrey Debayle, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Naturopath & Herbalist

I have taken several training courses:

– Massage therapy – 500 hours – Academy of Scientific Massage
– Herbalism – Flora Medicina
– Yoga 250 hours – Luna Yoga
– Yoga Nidra and restorative yoga – Living yoga, Sarovara Yoga, Ontario

It’s important to me:
– To be grounded, calm
– Inspiring human beings, making people happy
– Giving back what therapists have given me in the past
– Humility and justice
– Respect and forgiveness

My favorite book:
– Goupil ou face by Lou Lubie

My favorite artist:
– Barbara Pravi

My favorite yoga posture:
– Iguana or crocodile, it’s very restorative…

What challenges me most at the moment: Self-confidence. I’m too much of a perfectionist and I ask too much of myself… I’m working on a yoga principle: Ahimsa – Non-violence. Because you always have to honor yourself and be gentle with yourself… Confidence will come later…

But what is ayurvedic yoga?

To answer this question, let’s go back to basics. We are all born with physical characteristics and a personality (or temperament) that make us unique. We’re talking about Deep Nature.
Doshas are the three energies that govern us and enable us to know ourselves better, so we can better care for ourselves and heal in the event of illness.
There are three dosha (Vata, Pita, Kapha). We have all three doshas within us, but one or two will predominate. We then speak of Vata/Pita or Vata/Kapha, Pita/Kapha people…



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Saturday, March 16, 2024 from 2 to 4 p.m.

Equilibre Studio Vert Prana : 4365 Saint Denis street, Montréal

Price : 55$ + tx